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What To Expect

Our uniformed Carpet and Upholstery technician will arrive in our marked Pro-Care van on time and ready to work. He will first inspect the upholstery that needs to be cleaned, check to see what type of fabric it is, and answer any questions or address any special concerns you might have. Then he will give you a final price before he starts to clean.

The technician will decide what type of cleaning would work best for your upholstery material. After that, he will hook up his upholstery tool to the steam cleaning solution and clean all parts of your upholstery that you have arranged to be cleaned.

He will finish in a timely manor, collect payment, put away his equipment, and leave your upholstery looking fresh and clean! 

Products, Methods & Techniques

In addition to using the latest in state-of-the-art technology, Pro-Care uses the proper cleaning products, the appropriate methods, and the correct techniques to ensure that your upholstery is thoroughly cleaned and restored to a like-new condition.

Safe Cleaning Agent

Our cleaning solution provides for the deep cleaning of your upholstery through a biodegradable and organic cleaning system. The formula is safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and does not contain any ozone-depleting CFC’s. This low foaming formula gives a comprehensive and complete removal process and reduces potential resoiling. Furthermore, this emulsifier is especially designed for safe use on Stain Resistant upholstery.

Proper ph

We use only a properly balanced pH solution, which is essential in the cleaning of your upholstery. Using a solution with an improper pH level (above 9.5) in the cleaning of upholstery will remove the stain resistant properties.

Soft Water

Pro-Care uses soft water to clean and rinse your upholstery. Using soft water enables us to use only half of the cleaning solution that would otherwise be needed to clean. It ensures that there will be no soapy residue or mineral deposits left in your upholstery. The use of soft water leaves your upholstery cleaner, softer, and soap free.  


Our upholstery cleaning: Before and after...amazing results!

For 45 years, Pro-Care Carpet Cleaning has been the Middletown, Ohio trusted choice.  Contact Us today for the finest cleaning services at an affordable price.

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