High humidity levels combined with lack of proper airflow can result in dangerous microbial growth.

moldy basementMold growth can begin as early as 24 hours after a water damage has affected your home. With the proper steps and fast action, we can save your home from further microbial growth and structural damage. 

When you call Pro-Care, a technician  will schedule a time to come to your property to assess the situation and give you an estimate. From the moment that we enter your home, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of as if you were one of our own family. We take every precaution to prevent further damage to your home while we are working there. 

The technician will take thermal images, moisture readings, and precise measurements of the affected areas. Then we can do a pre-test to determine the level of mold contamination, and the necessary measures to remediate the microbial growth from your home.

Next we get to work!

A trained team will build containment around the affected rooms to reduce cross contamination into the rest of your home. After that, we will create a negative air chamber using a high volume HEPA air scrubber to clean and remove contaminated air. This also prevents cross contamination by drawing in clean, fresh air. We will clean the entire area, and remove all visible mold from the affected contents and structure. If any building materials are far too damaged to be cleaned, they will be removed and disposed of according to EPA guidelines. The entire area will have an antimicrobial disinfectant applied to ensure cleanliness. We will use an aiir scrubber to remove as many of the mold spores and contaminates from the air as possible. Then we will clean the area thoroughly again in order to achieve as clean of an area as possible. Finally, any building materials that were removed will be replaced with new materials. The entire area will then be coated with a high strength antimicrobial paint to seal in any hidden contaminates.wet moldy basement

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