What could happen if you have an inexperienced and uncertified technician clean your carpets?

soap left in carpetThe stain resistant properties of your carpet can be destroyed. While it is easier to clean carpets using a solution with a high pH, such a solution will eradicate the stain resistant properties in your carpet.

Soap can remain in your carpets and act like a magnet - collecting dust, soil and other contaminants in the air. Then, simply walking across the carpet grinds the soil deep into the fibers, resulting in not being able to remove them through normal vacuuming. Heavy soap residue is a result of not having the proper equipment to rinse the carpet thoroughly, or simply by using a too heavy soap mixture and not being knowledgeable in carpet cleaning techniques.

Over-wetting and over-saturation can ruin the carpet. If proper equipment and techniques are not used, your carpet will remain wet for an extended period of time, causing microbial and bacterial growth in the carpet. Severe odor problems may occur leading to the possibility of major expenses for restoration or replacement of carpet and padding.

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It is important that you, the customer, know that entry areas, walkways, and high traffic areas will never look like new again due to:

SHADING: The action of abrasive soil against the sides of the plastic-like fibers creates scratches and pits which dull the fiber's appearance. For example, if we took a clear piece of plastic and rubbed it with sandpaper, no matter how clean it was, the surface would always look dull.

FADING: Fading results from two factors. Light, whether incandescent, fluorescent, or especially direct sunlight, has an effect on dyes in carpet after a period of prolonged exposure. Soil, most of which are slightly acidic, tends to yellow thermal-plastic fibers after a period of prolonged exposure.

WEAR: This is simply a reduction in pile density or pile height in traffic areas, as compared to adjacent areas along walls or under furniture.

Because of these very physical changes in the fiber itself, it is impossible for even the most professional cleaner to “make it look new again.” Fortunately, we become more realistic when educated about shading, fading, and wear.

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